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Lite Line

The Lite Line tents by Gorilla are practically the same as their standard tents. The only difference is that they are designed as the shorter, lighter version of it's older brother. The standard starts at 6'11" where as the Lite stands at 6'7".

    You can always add a 1' height extension kit for increased head room. The Lite is lighter then the standard because it uses 210D (denier) fabric which, compared to the 1680D of both the standard and shorty versions, is quite a bit less.

    Fear not. The Lite Line will still out perform most other grow tents because of it's unique PVE binding technique that creates a more rigid fabric overall. At the end of the day, you will still receive the same quality you have grown to expect from the leader in grow tent technology:

  • Versatile ducting ports support a variety of ventilation
  • Comes with tool pouches, velcro straps on doors & window ports
  • Sturdy zippers that allow 360 degree access to your grow room
  • Scalable: 5 different tent sizes allow for use of "out of box' hydroponic systems support
  • Frame: bar none- "Best in industry" steel interlocking poles and corner joints to support heavier lighting.