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Scientifically developed by Northern California growers with decades of medicinal plant cultivation experience, Lotus Nutrients is on the leading edge. Comprised of growers, scientists and horticulturists, our team have growing styles and preferences that run the gamut. Unhappy with the current line of hydroponic nutrients and growing tired of the required multiple step mixing process, these folks united with one unique vision: To create the benchmark for pure medicinal grade plant nutrients. After many years of wood shedding, our team is proud to give you the the best of Pure Premium Hydroponic Plant Nutrients. LOTUS

Lotus Powdered Hydroponic Plant Nutrients
A simple and complete 3 part nutrient line that checks all the boxes for growers with
high standards and discerning taste. No need for complex 8-10 part recipes. You will
witness unmatched results in flowering and fruiting plants when our 3 part system
goes to work on your plants from seed to harvest. Lotus is specifically formulated for
medicinal plants and is comprised of 14 unique raw, natural ingredients.
11 essential macro and micro elements
raw materials including seaweed plant extract, humalite, and plant protein hydrolysate.
100% water soluble, the Lotus Nutrients formula is milled and blended to provide
grade-A consistency and contains no binders, fillers, or dyes.