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Analog to digital

Autopilot has designed an intermediary box that will take the analog 0-10V signal input from commercial environmental controllers and will convert into the digital RS-485 Phantom brand lighting signal. The APBC1000 signal converter allows Phantom brand lighting products to adjust the light intensity based on what readings the quantum sensor is communicating back to the commercial environmental controller (greenhouse production facility). Alternately, if the grow is relying solely on artificial lighting, the signal converter can operate without the quantum sensor, allowing the grower to manually control lighting intensity (indoor production facility).

  • Dual zone converter
  • Controls up to 512 ballasts (256 for each zone)
  • Two outputs for each zone
  • I20-240v, 50/60Hz power adapter

Compatible with the following Phantom Ballast products:

  • DE HPS 1000 watt (40 and 50 series)
  • DE HPS 750 watt (50 series)
  • Dual CMH (315w x 2) all models


Barcodes 638104023979 (UPC-A)

10638104023976 (GTIN)

Unboxed1_Weight 1.39

Unboxed2_Width 3.53

Unboxed3_Length 5

Unboxed4_Height 0.99

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