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Emerald Harvest Kick-Starter Kit - 2 part base

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If it’s not grown with Emerald Harvest, it’s not an Emerald Harvest.

I couldn't more. Great package of nutrients with easy to follow instructions. Don't take our word for it though. Let their rewards speak to that. 

This ultimate 2-part hydroponics sample starter kit features the easy-to-use Cali Pro Professional Base Nutrient Series. Emerald Harvest has won the “Best Nutrient Company” award 5 straight times as voted by our community at Dope Magazine Industry Awards.

Why choose the 2-Part Cali Pro Kick Starter Kit?

  • Hydroponic growers bump up their results with this kit. It pairs our premium 2-part professional base nutrients with a powerful bloom booster, a premium plant tonic, plus supplements to increase resins and build massive roots. Get ready to grow!
  • The 2-Part Kick Starter Kit includes 1 qt each of Cali Pro Grow A & B, Cali Pro Bloom A & B, Emerald Goddess, King Kola, Honey Chome and Root Wizard.

Harness the genetic potential of your valuable crops with Emerald Harvest Cali Pro Grow, our 2-part base nutrient engineered to fuel your garden during the vegetative phase.

* Canadian customers please note that Root Wizard is not shipping to Canada at this time. We apologize for the inconvenience and we are working diligently to make available for you. Keep an eye out for an update, we'll let you know when something changes for the better.

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