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Hurricane Inline Fan 6" 435 CFM

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You're getting a high quality commercial grade fan when you purchase this inline 6" by Hurricane. At 435 CFM, this puppy really hums (quietly too, when you add the speed controller).
Hurricane 736575 Inline Fan 6 inch 435 CFM

High performance and reliability is what you can expect from this fan no matter what your ventilation needs are. This fan is built with high quality UL components, giving you the confidence that this product will work for any ventilation solution. From carbon filters to ducting, these inline fans can do it all, and with the included 120 volt power cord they're easy to install and get running.

6" fan diameter
You will get the right balance between size and CFM with a 6" fan diameter (recommended for a 6 plant operation). This small fan can fit just about anywhere, giving you the ultimate in placement flexibility while still having powerful air throughput. 

8 ft. 120 volt power cord
While other ventilation options can be problematic or costly to install, you won't find that issue with Hurricane's inline fans. These fans include an 8 foot, 120 volt power cord which makes it easy to install them and wire them up. They'll be up and running in no time and at minimal cost to you.

435 CFM
One of the key measures of a fan's power and quality is how many cubic feet of air it moves per minute - the CFM. Perhaps surprising given this fan's small 6" diameter, it operates at an incredible 435 CFM, giving it the power and quality you need for your ventilation solutions.

    • 6" fan diameter
    • 120 volts, 115 watts
    • Includes power cord and mounting bracket
    • ETL listed
    • 5 year warranty
    • 435 CFM

High quality UL components
A product is only as good as the quality of its components - it only takes one cost cutting cheap component to ruin performance and reliability. This fan utilizes the highest quality UL components so you know that you're getting something that will match performance and reliability expectations.

Versatile usage
Hurricane's inline fans are great for a wide variety of your ventilation needs. Whether you're pairing them with carbon filters or using them for ductwork, they can get the job done. Get even more control with speed controllers and you can utilize them for just about anything.

Powder coated steel housing
When you're looking for a high performance fan, you know you need one that will last a long time in potentially harsh conditions. Hurricane's inline fans are contained in a powder coated steel housing giving them durability and, by extension, unmatched reliability.



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