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SolarSystem Controller

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What it can do!

  • Automation:
    • Set it, and let it control 1 or 1000 lights effectively and efficiently
  • Easy:
    • Program any growth stage
    • Any spectrum mix
  • Separate:
    • Natural white view mode
  • One controller:
    • Can run unlimited number of lights
  • Self-Regulates:
    • Automate sunrise/sunset for optimum daily growth
  • Digital Timer:
    • Eliminate the need for any external timers or contractors
  • Smooth Transitions: 
    • From Veg to Bloom
  • Customize:
    • Strain specific grow schedules
  • Controls:
    • Separate UVB and Far Red modules
  • Optional Photo Sensor:
    • Available for sunlight balancing in greenhouse environments
  • Green:
    • Backlit touch screen
  • Automatic:
    • Dual voltage power supply - 120/240 V.
  • Uses:
    • Standard RJ11 date cables


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