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The FUEL SX12 Light Controller

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The FUEL SX12 represents the latest in large scale lighting control. It is among the best devices for controlling up to 12 lights. This unit features 120/240V universal style X-plug outlets, which allow the controller to operate 120V or 240V ballasts depending on the wired voltage. All outlets are controlled by one 120V trigger cable. The 12 light controller has 3 banks of 4 lights. Each bank has a 30-second time delay. 

The FUEL SX12 requires an 80A main power supply and has a maximum ballast load of 60A. Each duplex receptacle is rated @ 10A maximum. Keep your grow lights in complete control with Autopilot's professional line of FUEL light controllers.

  • 12 Outlet, 120/240V, 60Hz
  • 80A main power supply
  • Maximum ballast load 60A
  • Each duplex receptacle rated 10A MAX
  • Universal (120/240V) X-plug receptacles
  • Powder-coated steel enclosure
  • Commercial grade
  • 2-year warranty


Shipping Weight 35.5 lbs.

Units/pallet 20

Package Dimensions 30.7L x 22.4W x 8.7H

Barcodes 638104021654 (UPC-A)

Voltage 120/240V



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