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Wander Trimmer

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Product description:

  • When used properly the wander will perform tight, consistent cuts without nicks to your flowers
  • No damage to flower: As blade trims and cuts, suction pulls leaves away from undamaged flower making for a safe and clean process
  • A 60-80 percent increase in productivity and efficiency when compared to scissor trimming
  • Have a Wet/dry vacuum on the ready to collect your undamaged trim for processing
  • Be efficient by simply dialing the suction power up or down to adjust to your flower size; less power for smaller flowers and more for larger ones
  • After the Wander trimmer, it's time to Hang-dry your plants for manicuring 
  • Blade control: Control your blade speed on top of the electric motor. We recommend running at 1/2 speed

Important notes:

  • Units shipped individually in 20"x20"x10" boxes at 40 pounds
  • Delivery ETA: 3 - 5 business days
  • Expedited costs and bulk deals available upon request

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